How to Repurpose Content for Your Business in 3 Steps

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Creating content for your business takes a lot of time, effort and research if you want to get results from it, i.e. get more ideal clients, sell more products, etc.—so you want to make the most of the content you’re creating. Enter in repurposing content.

Repurposing content is simply taking one piece of content you’ve created and segmenting it onto different platforms. <<< That way instead of reinventing the wheel with every different piece of content you create for different platforms from scratch—you’re taking one and making 5+ out of it.

That’s why in this blog post I’m going to go over how to repurpose content for your business—so that you can work smarter and not spend so much recreating the same content for different platforms.

But first, what is content exactly?

Content or rather content marketing is what you create for platforms like Instagram or even blogs for your website to help you reach new client leads.

Usually, when you hear someone talking about content marketing they’re talking about free content created for social media platforms or something like a podcast. While social media content has a short shelf life of maybe 48 hours—blog content (or any other content that has an SEO component) has an evergreen shelf life.

What is Evergreen Content Marketing?

What is the pointe of repurposing content?

To save you time instead of reinventing the wheel and to get more eyeballs on your content. Not all of your social followers are gonna be on your email list and vice versa. So when you repurpose content there’s a greater chance of someone seeing your content than if you only publish it on one medium.

Should you create social media content or evergreen content?

The short answer is ideally you should create both for your business—but if you’re going to repurpose content then you’ll end up with both in the end.

How to repurpose content for your business in 3 Steps

The TL;DR version: create an evergreen piece of content, send that piece of content to your newsletter, and create multiple posts for social media out of the core content and rinse and repeat. But keep reading to find out what I do for my business. I always batch each of these steps for one whole month at a time to make it easier for me to keep up with content creation.

Create a piece of core evergreen content

For me, it’s easier to start with a longer piece of content and make it shorter when repurposing than the other way around. For my business, I’ve found that blogging is best for my evergreen content but this can be a podcast or YouTube video. I blog once per week for my core piece of evergreen content.

How I Blog Consistently

Send core content in a newsletter to email subscribers

After I’ve written my blog posts for a month I’ll write a weekly newsletter for my email list that leads to the blog post for that week. Sometimes I’ll link in my newsletter an older blog instead of the particular one that’s getting published that week—but it varies depending on the week. <<< Doing this will help you increase your website traffic too.

How to Increase Your Website Traffic Organically

Create social media content from the core piece of content

When I used to post on Instagram I’d take the core piece of content for the week and break it up into multiple social media posts for Instagram and Pinterest in Canva. Usually, I’d do a carousel for Instagram and sometimes a reel.

Now that I’m focusing on Pinterest I’ll go in and create multiple images for each of the blogs and schedule the pins in Tailwind. Again just like the newsletters I send to my email list sometimes I’ll pin something that leads to an older blog post instead of that week’s blog or in addition to.

Should you repurpose your content for more than one social media platform?

You certainly could and if you have the bandwidth or team to do so go for it. BUT usually, I find that most business owners do better and can be more conscient using the 1-2-3 method of 1 evergreen, newsletters and 1 social media platform.

Which type of content is right for my business?

The one that you can be the most constant on. For me, I’ve found that for my business I prefer evergreen marketing and social media platforms that aren’t as time-sensitive and are less “social”—which is why I’ve chosen to focus on blogging + Pinterest for my marketing. <<< But if you’re more extroverted you may find that YouTube and Instagram are where your marketing sweet spot is.

Instagram Marketing Alternatives for Introverts

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