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Once someone has landed on your website and decided that you potentially offer the solution to their problem, you what they’re going to do? At some pointe they’re going to look at your website about page. 

Now—when in their buying journey are they going to look it? It depends on what type of buyer they are. Personally, the about page on a website is one of the last pages I ever look at (if at all). But for some people, it might be the first.

You Need an About Page for Your Website

To one degree or another everyone who interacts with your business wants to know a bit about the face or faces behind the brand. Like I said ^^^ how much and when they need to know this information depends on the person. BUT regardless of when they want to look at your about page you still need it on your website.

Having a strategic website about page will help build like, know and trust with your website visitors because it’ll make your business appear personal.

That’s why in this blog I’m going over what you need on your website about page to help build trust with your website visitors.

About Page Copy Template

5 Things You Need on Your Website About Page

How to Work With You

It ^^^ seems simple enough right? But how to work with you is VERY often missed on a website in general let alone the contact page. You need to clearly spell out how you can help someone with their problem and the basic steps of how they can work with you. You don’t have to give all the specific details on your about page—but you need to give them enough information that they want to learn more about your services.

Include at Least One Photo of You

You don’t have to have 3000+ photos of you or you and your team on your website about page. BUT you do need at least a good professional-looking headshot of yourself to add a human connection element to your website.

How to Choose Your Website Photos

Make it About How You Can Help Someone Not About You

This ^^^ is a very common mistake I see on website about pages. Your about page needs to be 90% about how you can help someone with your services or products. And *maybe* 10% max. actually about you. Whether you like it or not, people care way more about themselves than about you. Particularly when they’re browsing a website. So when someone on your about page they’re gonna care more about how you can help them than about you.

Don’t Tell Your Whole Life Story

Like I said ^^^ you need to make your about page more about your ideal client than you. BUT for the 10-ish% that is “more about you”—make sure it’s still relevant to the service that you provide. Everything on your website about page needs to tie back into how you can help someone by providing the solution to their problem.

For example, you might love going to Disneyland every year with your family. But if you’re not helping someone plan their next trip to go visit the mouse—it might be best to leave it off. Or add to a quick snippet fun fact section on your website that’s easy to skim through, but doesn’t make it the focus of your website about page.


Most people who land on your website for the first time aren’t going to buy something or inquire right away. So you need a way to keep in touch with them—aka. you need a newsletter freebie signup section on your website about page. You can also link to a resources page if you have one on your website.

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