What is Evergreen Marketing?

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Evergreen marketing. A term that gets thrown around a lot but usually never gets explained.

Basically, it’s a fancy word for creating content for your creative business that’ll last longer than the coveted 48 max. Instagram algorithm.

And I don’t know about you—but any type of marketing that doesn’t involve being on social media pretending to be an influencer gets me excited ;D

That’s why in this blog post I’m going to break down what evergreen marketing is and why you need it—so you can sustainably grow and scale your creative business.

What is Evergreen Marketing?

Like I already hinted at—evergreen marketing (also known as evergreen content) is simple content that has a long shelf-life compared to the average social media post.

The key components of evergreen marketing content are:

  • SEO (aka. Search Engine Optimization): This is what makes evergreen marketing evergreen—because the content can come up in search results, unlike 99% of social media posts.
  • Longevity & sustainability: Evergreen marketing needs to address topics that aren’t going to trend away a week after you’ve created the content. This usually means creating content on issues that someone will still need help with years later.
  • Relevance: Evergreen marketing content needs to be relevant and up-to-date in order to be worthwhile.
  • Consistency & patience: Creating evergreen content consistently is key to having success with it. It’s not like TikTok where you can maybe go viral and see results from it quickly. 

In general, when comparing social media to evergreen content the biggest difference between the two is: social media posts need to be more focused on relevance (aka. what’s trendy at the time i.e. Taylor Swift concert tickets, is the dress blue or gold?, etc.) vs evergreen content needs to focus on quality and helping people with problems they’re going to have regardless of what’s trendy at that given moment.

Types of Evergreen Marketing Platforms

I’ve already said social media isn’t considered evergreen marketing content—BUT one of the main reasons why it’s not is because there’s no SEO component to it. And because there’s no SEO that means your social media posts aren’t searchable—aka. no one can find them once they’ve disappeared from the algorithm.

Examples of evergreen marketing are:

  • Blog posts
  • Youtube videos
  • Pinterest pins
  • Podcast Episodes

The one caveat to that must have an SEO component ^^^ is that podcasting doesn’t have this built-in. The way to make podcasting evergreen is by creating blog posts with a summary of what was talked about in the podcast.

Social media can be used in conjunction with any of those evergreen marketing strategies to boost your—but that’s the whole point. <<< Social media, Instagram or TikTok or whatever, should never be your primary marketing source. It should only be supplemental to what you’re already doing on the evergreen side of things.

Why You Need to Create Evergreen Marketing Content as a Creative Entrepreneur

It helps you algorithm-proof your business. While social media virality is fleeting and you never really know if your account is suddenly gonna get shut down or not (this happened to me)—evergreen content can potentially still bring you more leads that turn into ideal clients YEARS after you originally created it.

The Biggest Struggle Creative Entrepreneurs Have With Evergreen Marketing is Making it a Priority

I know that creating evergreen content like blog posts doesn’t sound exciting. <<< Mostly because it probably won’t bring you results immediately.

BUT the problem is that if you never start creating evergreen content, you’re just delaying the wait for those ^^^ results.

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