Why I Recommend Website Templates

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Website templates are becoming more common than ever for business owners. The good news is that they don’t have to look like they’re a “generic website in a box” like they used to. More web designers than ever are starting to offer website templates as a lower-cost solution for clients who can’t invest yet in a fully custom website.

So What are Website Templates?

And Why Do I Recommend that Creative Business Owners, Especially New Business Owners, Use them?

Website Templates Explained

Website templates are essentially pre-made websites. You’ll often see website builders like Showit advertise that they have many built-in templates available to use which I don’t necessarily recommend using. Web designers also offer premium template designs that are more strategic and unique than the built-in options. 

How Do I Install a Website Template?

Depending on which website builder you’re using will make a big difference in how you install your template. Some website templates will also be more or less customizable than others depending on which platform they’re built on. For example’s sake here’s how Showit and Squarespace templates work:

Showit Website Template Installation

Showit website templates are one of the easiest types of templates to install. You can easily navigate through Showit’s built-in library of templates and chose the one you want to use for free. You can also find a designer who’s selling premium templates. If you purchase a designer-made template you can add it to your Showit account using the share key you’d receive after purchase. Arguably the best features of Showit are the fact that you can mix and match different templates. And even better than that all of them are completely customizable. Showit templates can be used for a brand new website or be added to an existing one.

My Favorite Showit Features

How to Use & Edit Showit Templates

Why I Recommend Website Templates

Cost of Website Templates vs Custom Design

Even a newer web designer should be charging at least $2000 for a custom website. But it can easily get more expensive than that if you’re working with a more experienced designer. That’s why website templates are a great investment for business owners who can’t afford to take the custom route yet. Typical website templates that are strategically built range anywhere from $200-1000 but that’s still cheaper than a custom.

Website Templates vs Custom Design: Which is Better for Creative Entrepreneurs?

Website Templates Help You Launch Faster than DIYing from Scratch

There are endless benefits to launching your website fast. Especially if your website needed a new look for a long time. If you’re not a web designer building a website from scratch can easily turn into a big headache. Plus it probably won’t be strategically built and designed to convert.

Most website templates come with some sort of guidance from the designer on how to launch your website with the template you purchased. Generally speaking, usually, all you have to do is swap out the template demo content for your own. Then you’re ready to launch your new website very quickly. Even if you decide to work with a designer a lot of times they’re booked out months in advance. And even after your start date, it can take weeks or months to finish the project. That means that in some cases using a website template can even be faster than working with a designer.

Why I Don’t Recommend DIYing Your Website from Scratch

You’re in Full Control of Your Websites Design

If you want to have lots of say in how your website looks a website template is probably the best option for you. You won’t have to go back and forth with a designer for revisions and can be in full control of design decisions.

Outsourcing Brand Design is More Important

I never recommend that someone who is not a graphic designer create their own logo and brand for their business. So it would be better to invest in custom branding before a custom website. If you’re on a really tight budget and can only invest in a website template and nothing custom, then simply type out your business name at the top of your website in an easy-to-read font until you can invest in a brand designer. But if you do have the funds to invest in branding do it and use a template for your website until you’re ready to invest in a custom website.

Showit Website Templates for Creative Entrepreneurs

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