My Favorite Showit Website Features

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It’s not much of a secret that I love using Showit to design websites. And part of that is because SHowit has a lot of awesome features. It’s one of the best website platforms available for service providers, photographers, coaches, artists, designers, etc. That’s why I recommend it to most of my clients and even built templates for DIYers who want to use Showit. But now you might be wondering “Why do I like Showit?”.

Showit Website Features

Design Freedom

Want a particular type of layout and/or design for your website? I can almost guarantee it’s possible in Showit somehow. The design freedom that’s available with the Showit platform is unbeatable compared to other website builders like Squarespace. You can literally drag around any element on your website to wherever you want it.

Mobile Customization

In case design freedom on desktop wasn’t good enough you can completely customize the mobile version of your website. Every element on your website can look 100% different on mobile compared to the desktop. Most people use websites on their phones so this is a really important feature.

Color Palette

Showit like many other website builders comes with a color palette that you can add your brand color to which will auto-adjust all of the colors on your website to whatever the palette is. What’s particularly great about this feature in Showit is that you can add 8 different colors to your brand palette compared to Squarespace which only allows for 5 colors.

Awesome Customer Support

Showit’s customer support is one of the best that I’ve had to chat with. And even though they are really nice to chat with I haven’t had too very often because their help articles are so well written.

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