How to Make Sure You Have a Smooth Customer Journey on Your Website

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Your website should act like an employer for your business. It should direct anyone who arrives on your to where to go to get the information or help that they need (and say hello of course ;P). That’s why it’s important to have a smooth customer journey on your website.

Now while I do think a good spreadsheet can be helpful once in a while or grabbing a piece of paper an literally drawing out a visual of how your website pages lead to each other—there’s an easier way to make sure your website has a great customer journey that you can implement fairly quickly.

In this blog post, I’m going over how to make sure your website has a smooth customer journey—so that you can get your website into prime converting shape and reach more of your ideal clients.

How to Make Sure You Have a Smooth Customer Journey on Your Website

Understand Who Your Ideal Client Is

Making sure you have a clear understanding of who you serve best aka. who your ideal client is is the first step to analyzing whether your website has a good customer journey or not. For example, if your website is all bright pink but your brand vibe is very masculine it’s going to create a disconnect between you and your ideal clients but it doesn’t fit.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your website and brand to see if they will mesh with your ideal clients:

  • Does this color palette and general aesthetic appeal to my ideal client?
  • Do I use specific langue in my copy that indicates that I’m talking to my ideal clients?
  • Is it clear what my services are and how they can help my ideal client?
  • Is it clear to my ideal client how to start the process of working with me?

BONUS TIP: Have a friend who knows nothing (or very little) about your business and see if they can figure out the answers to all of these ^^^ questions.

How to Identify Your Ideal Client

Make it Super Simple to Navigate Your Website

No one has time to search high and low on a website to find what they’re looking for and there are 3 key things you need on your website to make it easy to navigate:

  • Never have more than 5-7 links in the main menu on your website. If you include more than this it’ll give someone too many options and therefore become confusing. Also, avoid using dropdown menus in your main navigation. If you have to use drop-down menus that means you’ve got too many links.
  • Have call to action buttons (or links) on EVERY.SINGLE.PAGE of your website—so that it’s clear where someone needs to click in order to get to the next to either work with you or find out the additional information they need before doing so.
  • Try and have your website layout have a zig-zag style flow when possible. Most people scan websites in a zig-zag pattern (at least on desktop)—so if you can make it so for example section one of your website has the content on the left and next section has it on the right you’ll make your website easier to scan aka. easier to navigate

Website Call to Actions 101

Your Website Copy Needs to Be Persuasive

Your website copy is the salesperson of your website. AND while your magery is awesome and I’m sure your work is wonderful it doesn’t speak for itself. You need to sell how great your work is and how well you can help someone with WORDS. That’s why you need to have compelling copy on your website.

My Favorite Website Copy Templates from The Copy Bar

Simplify Your Booking or Checkout Process

If you make it hard for someone to book or buy with you you’re leaving money on the table. No one has the patients to go thru 87 steps just to checkout or schedule an appointment. That’s why you need to make your booking or buying process super simple ideally in no more than 3 steps if not less.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Do you know what makes me never want to go to a business ever again? Bad customer service. That’s why you need to make it easy to get ahold of you when someone has an inquiry. AND why you need to make your contact information very easy to find.

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