How to Identify Your Ideal Client

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Identifying your ideal client is an important step when you’re figuring out how to market your business. And you need to focus on a specific ideal client throughout all of your marketing—because “if you sell to everyone you sell to no one” aka. not everyone who interacts with your business is going to want to work with you nor should they. Plus speaking to only one type of person will make it easier for you to come up with content ideas. And, I mean let’s be honest—there are a lot of people that you don’t want to work with anyway ;P

That’s why in this blog I’m going over how to identify your ideal client so that you can fine-tune your marketing to reach more people you *actually* want to work with.

How to Identify Your Ideal Client

Figure Out Who Can Best Benefit From Your Services and/or Products

Remember everyone is not your client—so while there might be multiple types of people that can technically benefit from your services, you need to narrow your focus on one. The other people will still come to you even if you pick a niche—you’re just getting crystal clear on who you serve best.

Use a Real Person as an Example Instead of Creating Avatars

Instead of creating fake personas based on fictional people made up in your imagination—think about past clients that you liked to work with. Or even dream clients that you follow on Instagram that you’d love to work with. Bottom line focus on a real person. What are their pain pointes? Why do they help with the problem you can solve? Are they aware they even have a problem? Do they want a 1-on-1 white glove service? Or are they a DIYer?

Scope Out Your Competitions Niches

Spying on your peers can help you identify your ideal client. Is there a gap in the market you can fill that isn’t being served by your competition? Or do you have a unique way of providing your services in a way no one else can?

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Where is Your Ideal Client Hanging Out

The arguably hardest part of identifying your ideal client is figuring out where they’re hanging out on the internet or in real life. Your ideal clients could be on Instagram every day. Or they could love going to networking groups. Or they could on Pinterest.

Another bonus question you need to ask yourself is is your ideal client hanging out somewhere you also want to hang out. Because if your client is on Instagram but you despise social media you’re probably going to need to refine your ideal client in another direction.

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Refine Your Ideal Client as You Grow & Don’t Be Afraid to Change it if Needed

Don’t worry if you need to change who your ideal client is from time to time. <<< You’re going to need to change as you grow at a minimum because once your skill set grows so should your prices aka. your ideal client will have to be willing to invest more to work with you.

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