How to Make Your Website Skimmable

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Making sure your website has an excellent user experience is a crucial component of a straightening and high-converting website. AND making your website skimmable is necessary to ensure that it is excellent. 

Why is making your website skimmable important?

In this “I ain’t got time for that” era if people can’t easily and quickly browse your website to find out if you can help solve their problems or not—they’re going to go elsewhere. Not to mention that most people skim-read. So if your website isn’t skimmable you’re missing out n working with more ideal clients.

That’s why in this blog I’m going to go over how to make your website skimmable to improve your website experience.

How to Make Your Website Skimmable

Break Up Your Text

Repeat after me. “No one is going to read a five-paragraph chunk of text that is all the same size.” No that that’s over with—you need to chop up your website words so that’s easy to digest and skim. This means you need to have different headlines nd subheadings to go with your paragraphs so that someone in theory could only read your headlines and still understand what you’re taling about.

You will still have to have paragraphs on your website BUT make sure that you only have 1 or maybe 2 paragraphs in sequential order and make sure that each paragraph doesn’t have more than 4-5-ish sentences.

Also don’t underestimate the power of creating bulleted lists for some of your text. This can help make what would have been a monster size paragraph into something easily skimmable.

And don’t forget to bold (or even italicize) important bits of information without your text.

Add Visual Elements

Adding visual elements like arrows pointing to specific information or adding animations to affect the load time of certain elements can help make your website more skimmable. 

White Space is Your Friend

Adding white space (aka. blank space) means that you’ve added empty space around elements to give them “room to breath” which makes your website more skimmable. One of the biggest mistakes I see on websites is not adding enough vertical white space but I also see it happen horizontally too. When in doubt add more space around your website elements.

How to Test if Your Website is Skimmable

The easiest way to test if your website is skimmable is to have a couple of friends scroll thru your website and ask them if your website is easy to navigate.

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