Why You Need a Pretty Website Design

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“You don’t need a pretty website design, you need a strategic one”.  <<< You’ve seen this Instagram post or something like that from a designer right? While I’m here to bust the myth that the look of your website doesn’t matter. In fact, a strategic website should be pretty and vice versa.

What Does Strategic Website Design Mean?

And in this blog, I’m breaking down why you need a pretty website for your creative business if you want to get new client leads from your website.

Why you need a pretty website design

Website statistics back up that you need a pretty website design

While I’m not the type to rely solely on data regarding website design decision-making—it’s still a good source for getting your website heading in the right direction. And the website statistics back my theory up that YES, you do need a pretty website design.

Here’s what the website design statistics say (link to source):

59% of people prefer browsing ‘beautiful and well-designed’ sites to basic ones.

Almost 60% of users say they will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site.

Website design is an important factor in determining business credibility for 48% of visitors.

Around 50% of internet users say that website design is a crucial factor in formulating an opinion about a brand.

I think with those percentages ^^^ it’s safe to say that at least half of your website visitors want your website to be pretty, if not more.

BUT now that you know why you need a pretty website design—what is actually goes into making your website pretty?

5 Elements of a Pretty Website Design

Uncluttered page design layout

Cluttered website pages make them look less appealing. You don’t need to go with a design so minimalist that it looks boring BUT making it *simple is important. You don’t want to add so many crazy moving pieces of collages that it becomes distracting instead of good-looking.

Plenty of white space between elements

When in doubt, add a 3-ish finger width of white space around your website page sections and elements. <<< This will give your website design “room to breathe” and make it easier for someone to skim your website.

Why Your Website Needs to be Skimmable

Consistent brand fonts & color palette

Lack of consistency without your website colors and especially your fonts is a recipe for an ugly website—and it’ll be hard to read too, which is going to make people leave your website. You should only use your 5-8 brand colors throughout your website & stick with 2-3 fonts max.

How to Choose Website Fonts

How to Choose a Website Color Palette

How to Keep People from Leaving Your Website

Cohesive & professional brand imagery

Lackluster imagery can make your website look unprofessional and/or outdated and/or cheap. Ideally, it’s best if you can get custom photos taken by a brand photographer—but even if you do that you’ll probably need to intermingle with stock photos and videos.

How to Choose Stock Photos for Your Website

Clear & easy to understand navigation

While this technically is less design-related it is essential—because if someone gets confused on your website and can’t navigate, it won’t matter how pretty it is because they’ll leave it.

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