Why You Need a Blog on Your Website

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Even if you’re not a blogger by trade you need a blog on your website. I’ll be the first to admit that writing is not my favorite task whatsoever. But even though it’s not my favorite I still make blogging my main marketing strategy for my business.

At this point, you’re probably wondering why I made this decision since I don’t like writing. The short answer is that I like writing blog posts more than being on Instagram. While writing blog posts isn’t my favorite task, I like being active on social media even less. To have a successful instagram marketing strategy, you have to post all the time and do lots of video content. As an introvert having to be social all the time to market my business sounds about exciting as mud.

Instagram posts also have a very small shelf life, maybe 48 hours at most. While a well-written SEO optimized blog post can rank on Google for years. But regardless of whether you like blogging better than Instagram, it’s still very beneficial for you to have a blog on your website.

Why You Need a Blog on Your Website

People are Googling for What You Offer aka. the Solution to Their Problems

Your services have the solution to a problem that someone is facing. And in case you haven’t guessed it already they’re searching for solutions to their problems on Google. There are apx. 5.6 billion searches happening per day on Google. That means that there are people actively searching daily for the exact service you offer on Google. The “secret” to showing up in those search results is by adding SEO optimized content to your website often. And of course one of the easiest ways to do this is by publishing new blog posts consistently.

While you can drive traffic to your website from social media it’s a lot easier to get someone to take the time to go to your website from Google than from Instagram. When someone scrolls through their Instagram feed they’re not always going to want to get off the platform and take the time to look at what your offer. Becuase when someone opens up social media their “search intent” is different than when they open up a Google search. When someone is searching for a solution on Google their mind is focused on solving their problem and less likely to get distracted by the latest cute cat reel. When someone goes on Instagram their mind is focused on being social.


In case you were wondering why I don’t like social media is because it’s basically a game to try and get your content to show up, especially on Instagram. Pinterest and YouTube are different because they have a search engine component to their platforms but Instagram is another story. Instagram content only lasts maybe 48 hours vs a blog post can ask for potentially 5+ years. Likewise Pinterest pins and YouTube videos have a longer self life. You can see quicker immediate results on on Instagram compared to blogging. Any time a type of content is considered evergreen, like blogging, your initial results will be slower.

Evergreen content is a marathon-style marketing strategy. Which can make it seem intimidating to start with because you won’t necessarily see results right away. Obviously, the results will be well worth it in the long run but it does take more time to see results. This is exactly why you should start blogging sooner rather than later. The earlier you can start adding new blog content to your website the quicker you’ll start to see progress. The longer you wait to start blogging the more time it’s going to take to see results.

You Can Create a Posting Scheduling that Works for Your Life

I’m not saying you can’t have a work-life balance while trying to post consistantly on Instagram but it’s not easy. To an extent, you have to post in real-time in order to have a strategic posting schedule. Personally, I like to schedule my blog posts weeks if not months in advance. That way I can write a new blog when I feel inspired instead of a set writing schedule. Part of why I’m able to do this is because while Google does have an algorithm it’s not time-sensitive like Instagram. Social media works at its best when you post when your followers are active. Blog posts on the other hand just need to be there when someone searches. This could be a month later or longer than when you originally pressed publish.

You Actually Own Your Website Content

Another reason why it’s important to blog on your website is that you have full control over your content. Zuckerberg Owns Instagram not you. That’s why your Instagram account can be taken down for literally no reason and without any notice. Social media might not being going anywhere but your accounts are always going to be on rented land.

Better Present Yourself as an Expert

It’s a lot easier to showcase that you’re an expert in your field by writing a detailed blog post than by posting on Instgram. The trust you build by providing a detailed blog post goes a lot farther than a Instagram caption that doesn’t get seen by all of your followers. Client’s only book services from people they trust, so this is an important piece of marketing that you don’t want to miss.

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