Why I Don’t Offer VIP Days as a Website Designer

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VIP days are all the rage right now—BUT…is it really the right type of service for your business? Not necessarily. In this blog, I’m going to break down the pros and cons of VIP days and why I don’t offer VIP days in my business—so you can decide if it’s the right type of offer for YOUR business or not.

First, let’s go over what a VIP day typically is

VIP days usually are 8-hour days starting in the morning where you only work on one client’s project. So instead of working on multiple clients over the course of multiple weeks, you can focus on just one and crank out a lot of work. I’ve also seen entrepreneurs offer half VIP days for 4-hour timeslots.

I’ve found most business owners who offer VIP day services usually start in the morning and finish up in the evening, but obviously, this is going to depend on what kind of service we’re talking about.

Examples of work done during a VIP day:

  • Website design in a day
  • Logo design in a day
  • Sales page copywriting in a day
  • Pinterest account setup in a day
  • CRM (i.e. Dubsado, etc.) system set up in a day

Pros of offering VIP days

Your project is complete in one day

Really the key selling point for you and your client is that VIP days…well…happen in one day. You don’t need to worry about multi-week timelines, rounds of revisions and waiting to communicate back and forth via email. It streamlines what could have taken 6 weeks and shoves it all into one day.

You can work less & pretty much get paid the same

By streamlining a multi-week project into one day, you’ll end up working less even without having to take a pay cut. Because even though the timeline has shorted a LOT the value that your client receives is going to be relatively the same. <<< And because it’s a “rushed” timeline you could argue that it’s higher value.

More accessible pricing

Even though you might be making the same amount of income compared to longer projects, the price from your client’s end might actually end up being less. <<< Making your services more accessible to more people. Let’s use website design for example, a typically multi-week project is probably gonna be around 4k+ depending on the designer, but a VIP could be more like $1500.

VIP days can be scheduled less in advance

I don’t know about you but I like keeping my calendar pretty lean the further out things are. <<< So if did ever decide to offer VIP days this would be the biggest pro for me. VIP only take up one day so they can be scheduled less in advance than a project that requires blocking out 6 weeks from your calendar.

Cons of offering VIP days

Sort of have to start in the morning

As you already know, there are only so many hours in the day—meaning that if you want to offer a full 8-hour VIP day, you pretty much have to start in the morning. <<< Especially with potential time zone differences. Now of course half days that are 3-4 hours can give you more flexibility in this area, but if you’re a night owl like me this can be an issue.

Everything *has* to be done in a day

This con should explain itself but, if the whole point of a VIP day is for everything to get done in one day. <<< This gives you practically no flexibility to change plans.

Why I don’t offer VIP Days as a Website Designer

I don’t work well on a time crunch quick deadline

When I’m designing a website, I like to marinate on things, wait a day to make sure I still like the design of something before it’s finalized for a template. I’ve tried to do things on a tight timeline and it just doesn’t work for me. I also do better design work when I’m not rushed.

I’m not a morning person

Like I already said, I’m a night owl so trying to start a full (or even half) VIP day would be very difficult for me, especially because on the West Coast which means I’m usually a few hours behind people to begin with. Yes, of course, I could try and work around this—but I simply don’t want to ;P

I want the freedom to move things around on my schedule

While I totally see the benefit of getting something done in one day, I value more the freedom to move things around on my schedule if I need to.

Are VIP days right for your business?

Ultimately, the only one who can answer this is you—BUT, if you think VIP days sound like something you’d enjoy, all you can do is try it and see if it works for you and your clients.

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