How to Increase Website Conversions

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It’s hard eight to get traffic on your website—but once you’ve got the eyeballs on your website they need to convert into paying clients or you’ve got a problem. Enter in website conversions.

How to Increase Website Conversions

Have Call to Actions on Every Page

This ^^^ is by FAR the #1 reason that your website will not convert. If you don’t ask someone via a call to action to book a call or buy your thing—they won’t do it. Not unless you ask. You might think that “oh they’ll know how to use my website without any instructions.” but that couldn’t father from the truth. When it comes to websites people like to be told what to do. <<< Or at least where they need to go next if they want to work with you. And if you don’t direct them with call to actions they’re going to get lost on your website.

Website Call to Actions 101

Optimize Your Website on Desktop & Mobile View

Making sure that your website looks good on desktop AND mobile is vital to the health of your website. At least 50% of internet users look at your website on a mobile device statistically. But that also means that the majority of the other half are using a desktop to view your website aka. both views are equally important if you want your website to convert.

Clear & Connecting Copywriting

You can have the world’s prettiest website, but if the copy stinks, it won’t matter. Yes—website visuals ARE VERY IMPORTANT—but that’s not the whole piece of the website pie. You need to complete the website copy to go with the design. <<< Copy is the J to the website PB aka. you’ll have a boring nobody wants it style sandwich of a website.

Copywriting for Creatives Review

Make Sure Your Contact Information is Easy to Find

This ^^^ is the #1 reason someone will think that your website is a scam. Your contact information (email, etc.) needs to be dummy proof simple to find. AND part of making your contact info easy to find is including it inn multiple places on your website. Your website footer should have at *minimum* your email address if you’re an online business—but your phone number,  physical location & hours of operation too if those are applicable. You should also repeat this info on your actual contact page and in any applicable FAQ sections.

Place Social Proof Throughout Your Website

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again—your social proof (testimonials/reviews and/or featured in’s) need to be spread throughout your website. NOT on one page by themselves. <<< For one, no one is going to take the time to go to another page if they don’t have to. And it’ll pack more of a punch if they’re sprinkled on different pages strategically.

Make It Simple to Book With You and/or Complete the Check-Out Process

No one’s got time for a complicated process. So if you’re noticing a lot of people abandoning their carts or not completing your work with me intake form—it could be because your process is too complicated. *Cue Arvil Levine here*

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