Copywriting for Creatives: Why I Took the Course & Why You Should

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I don’t know about you, but I’m not naturally someone who likes to write—it’s just not my thing. While I’m not a terrible writer I’m certainly not earning any awards for best novel of the year anytime soon. I’d known for a while that my website copy wasn’t up to par with my website design skills aka. my website copy wasn’t helping me make any sales. Enter in Copywriting for Creatives by Ashlyn Writes.

Copywriting for Creatives is the only course that teaches you how to write ALL of your website copy in 30, 60 or 90 days (#funfact I motored thru the course in 15 days so that’s an option too). AND in case that in and of itself wasn’t amazing enough—you also end up with all of your brand messaging refined and most of your non-visual brand strategy completed too.

I’m so happy with how my website copy turned out after going thru the whole course that I’m very tempted to start making any clients that I work with take the course before I’ll design their website—but for now…here’s my review of Copywriting for Creatives.

Why You Should Write Your Website Copy Before Designing Your Website

Copywriting for Creatives: Why I Took the Course & Why You Should Too

This course is so jammed pack of awesomeness that I’m going to break down all of my thoughts in order of how the course modules are arranged. AND let me just start out by saying that HAVE to go thru the modules in order. <<< Not because that’s the only way they make sense but because you need to trust the system and go in the order to get the most value out of the course. If you detour and choose your own adventure style thru the course your website copy probably isn’t going to be as wow as it could be by sticking with the plan.

Copywriting for Creatives Module 0 Getting Started

I’m not naturally a planner and usually prefer winging it BUT I don’t think I can express in words just how much I appreciate that this course has a plan and timeline to follow. <<< This is my biggest pet peeve about other courses I’ve taken because I need some sort of goal in front of me if I’m really gonna get the most out of the course material—hats off to Ashlyn Carter from Ashlyn Writes for making this a theme throughout Copywriting for Creatives.

This module of Copywriting for Creatives is all about what you’ll learn throughout the course, how to get support and how to use the workbooks that are included with the course. <<< Most of the workbooks have a printable version too which makes my nostalgic analog heart happy. A lot of things are better digital but when it comes to workbooks I’ll take a printed version any day.

Copywriting for Creatives Module 1

Module 1 is all about getting you pumped to get thru the course and teaching you some of the basic website copy and messaging foundations—like the 4 buying and selling styles. <<< This particular lesson is one of my favorites of the course.

Now compared to some of the other modules I don’t have as much to say about them simply because I took the course for the first time 6 months ago and I honestly can’t remember everything that’s talked about in this module *oops* (*cue music* it’s me…hi….I’m the problem it’s me.) But I do plan on going back thru the course at some pointe—cause it’s that good—so I’ll update this section in the future.

Copywriting for Creatives Module 2

In this module, you start evacuating your brand messaging—which in case you’re wondering, yes that’s important for writing your website copy. <<< This is also the part where you really have to trust the system that is Copywriting for Creatives. I know you might think you need to start writing website copy right away but this foundational work is very important to writing copy that will connect with your ideal clients.

You’ll start your client voice hacking which I found to be very enlightening for my business. Doing these steps opened my eyes to things I hadn’t thought of before when I come to my offers and how I presented my business as a whole

Copywriting for Creatives Module 3

Now in this module, this is where the fun stuff starts happening aka. you get to start writing a little bit. <<< Yes, I did just call writing fun after I just said I didn’t really like writing that much. In this module, you start refining your brand voice, discover your 4 brand stories and write your elevator pitch. This is also the module where you figure out your Onlyness Factor.

The Onlyness Factor is arguably the most valuable lesson in the course—I’ve heard some people say that was reason enough to take the course by itself. Your Onlyness Factor is like figuring out your unique value position but better. AND let me tell you that knowing how your business is unique is vital to your business growing and reaching your ideal clients.

Copywriting for Creatives Module 4

This module is back to some of the foundational basics of good copywriting but don’t worry you get started writing your website copy in the next module. You learn how to write good headlines, body and bullet list copy. <<< The headlines part is very important because if someone isn’t going to read your headline or they don’t resonate with it the odds are not in your favor that they’re gonna read anything else on your website.

You’ll also learn about website wireframing and how to get awesome testimonials from your clients after they’ve worked with you aka. how to gather testimonials that are more than just “so and so was so nice!”.

Copywriting for Creatives The Website Copy Template Suite

Now it’s time to start writing all of your website copy! The website copy templates give you a framework for what needs to be said on your website so that you have the best customer journey on your website as possible.

Website Copy Templates Included in Copywriting for Creatives:

  • The Home Page Template
  • The About Page Template
  • The Services Page Template
  • The Sales Page Template
  • The Opt-In (Landing) Page Template
  • The Contact Page Template

Almost all of the website copy templates can technically be purchased separately from The Copy Bar. BUT as of when I joined Copywriting for Creative the cost of the copy templates from The Copy Bar purchased separately was more expensive than buying the course. <<< TL;DR if you want the website copy templates join Copywriting for Creatives it’s cheaper than buying them outright.

I also highly recommend checking out the other copy templates from The Copy Bar. The Email Welcome Sequence Template, 365 Instagram Caption Templates & Pillar Piece Content Template are some of my favorites.

My Favorite Copy Templates from The Copy Bar

Copywriting for Creatives Module 5

The last core module of Copywriting for Creatives is all about how to add your copy to your website in the best way possible. <<< Even though I’m a web designer I still got a lot out of this.

You also learn how to form a strategy for how you’re going to get traffic to your website and how to measure that traffic. Primed to Launch is another course I’ve purchased from Ashlyn Writes and it goes into ^^^ this even more in-depth than Copywriting for Creatives—so I also recommend checking that out too.

Copywriting for Creatives Bonuses

And of course who doesn’t like bonuses? In case this course wasn’t already jam-packed with value there’s still more. **Keep in mind though that sometimes the bonuses included with the Copywriting for Creatives change—so depending on when you’re reading this the bonuses might be totally different.

6-Month Membership to The Copy Bar Collective

With the Copywriting for Creatives, you get access to a private Facebook course aka. The Copy Bar Collective. This is where you can submit your website copy for audit by Ashlyn or someone else on the Ashlyn Writes team. Currently what the membership costs after the free 6 months is in limbo—so depending on when you join you might get a few extra months while that’s getting figured out.

The Copy Bar Collective Membership UPDATE

The Copy Bar Collective is now a paid membership with monthly copy drops, copywriting tutorials and a new private Facebook group. You may still get 6 months if you join Copywriting for Creatives.

Product Description Templates

This template gives you a framework for how to write your digital or physical product descriptions and it’s also available for purchase separately at The Copy Bar.

Email Marketing, Website SEO & How to Write Your Professional Bio Lessons

Check out Copywriting for Creatives!

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