How to Find a Business Niche

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You’ve heard it before—“You need to niche your business to reach more ideal clients”. And for once the Instagram gurus are *actually* right, the riches are in the niches. When you niche your business you automatically become THE go-to expert in whatever your industry is for said niche.

But the part that doesn’t get talked about enough? How to find a business niche. Because let’s face it—it’s hard to find a business niche. <<< I arguably haven’t niched my business enough for this very reason.

But don’t worry. In this blog post, I’m going to break down 3 different ways to find a business niche as a creative service provider.

How to find a business niche idea #1: Work with only one type of industry

Arguably the easiest & simplest way to find a business niche is to choose to only work with one very specific industry. You may have a hobby or past job experience that can give you a niche idea. For your business.

If you choose this idea for niching your business—the more niche you can get the better. For example, let’s you’re a social media manager who wants to serve creative entrepreneurs. Yes, technically that’s a niche, but it’s VERY broad. A better niche example would be only working with web designers as a social media manager. Then you can easily tailor your services to best benefit web designers specifically instead of every creative entrepreneur under the sun.

Niche Examples:

  • Brand Designers
  • Wedding Photographers
  • Fitness Coaches
  • Bookkeepers

How to find a business niche idea #2: Specialize in one platform or tool

Another way to find a business niche is by deciding to only work with one platform or tool. You may serve different kinds of business owners—but your services are niched to your tech set of choice. This will allow you more freedom in the types of people that you serve but still be niched.

Unless you’re working with a lesser-known or used tool or platform this will naturally make your niche more broad than it perhaps could be—but this is the option I’ve chosen for my web design business. I only design website templates on Showit for creative solopreneurs.

Niche Examples:

  • Website Designer—only designs websites using Showit, does not use other platforms like Squarespace, Shopify, etc.
  • Social Media Manager—only offers Instagram-related services, does not offer TikTok, Facebook, etc. related management
  • Bookkeeper—only does bookkeeping with Quickbooks, does not work with other bookkeeping software like Freshbooks, Kashoo, etc.
  • Brand Designer—only uses Adobe Illustrator to design logos, does not design anything using Canva

How to find a business niche idea #3: The unique way you perform your services

You can also niche your business by the way you perform your service. Maybe you work really fast and decide to only offer VIP half-days. Or maybe you focus on a luxury experience throughout from the time someone inquires to work with you until off-boarding.

Niche Examples:

  • Baker—only makes vegan desserts
  • Hair Stylist—only does hair for weddings and events
  • Photographer—only does photoshoots underwater
  • Artist—only paints on rocks

How to find a business niche idea #4: A combination of niche ideas #1-#3

There a quite a few ways you can niche down—so you may find that when you’re choosing your business niche a combination of ideas works the best.

Niche Examples:

  • Brand Designer—only does VIP design days for wedding photographers
  • Social Media Manager—only does TikTok management for local businesses

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