How to Create Content Your Ideal Clients Want to Read

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Contrary to what you might think your ideal clients do want to read your content. But the problem is that most people skim read and, in general, don’t read boring content—but they especially won’t read your content if it doesn’t help to solve their problem.

So in this blog post, I’m going to go over how to create content your ideal clients want to read.

How to Create Content Your Ideal Clients Want to Read

Make your content skimmable

Most people skim read so only about 20% of your copy is going to be on your website and in your marketing content. <<< That’s why you want to make your content easy for the skimmer to read.

You can do this ^^^ by using different heading sizes (this is good for your website SEO also) and text styles to emphasize what’s important for the reader to read.

How to Make Your Website Skimmable

Showit SEO 101

Add personality to your content

The easiest way to make your content not boring is by adding personality to the voice of your content (aka. your brand messaging and voicy-ness). You want to sound in your content like when you talk out loud to a friend.

Why People Like Personalised Content

Create content that addresses your ideal clients problem

At the core of every person is a desire to focus on what’s in it for me first. So when you’re creating content you want to address your ideal client’s pain points in your content, so they stick around to read more because they believe you can help them solve their problems

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