When & When Not to Use Canva for Your Business

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Contrary to what some graphic designers on Instagram would say—you should use Canva for your business. Canva is an easy-to-use software for creating PNG-style non-vector graphics—like an Instagram post. I use Canva quite often for my business, especially when I need to design graphics for Pinterest or Instagram. But while Canva is awesome—there’s definitely a right and a wrong time to use it for your business⁠.

That’s why in this blog, I’m going how when and when not to use Canva for your business

Do Use Canva for:

Making Social Media Graphics

It’s super easy to make Instagram and Pinterest graphics using Canva. Just make sure to only use your brand colors and fonts and only use elements that compliment your brand. Some of Canva’s built-in templates and elements can get a little crazy and start to look less creative and fun and more off-brand and unappealing if they aren’t used correctly. If you’re looking for more unique templates to use on Canva you can check somewhere like Creative Market or even Etsy.

Making Your Newsletter Freebies

Make as many freebies as you want using Canva! Just like social media posts, it’s easy to create pdfs, guides, checklists, etc. using Canva. You can download your freebie in whatever format you like and share it that way or you can choose to share it as a link to view only or copy and download.

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Don’t Use Canva for:

Creating Your Logo

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT create your logo using Canva! There are multiple reasons why you shouldn’t use it for your logo but a few of the main reasons are:

  • It won’t be unique to your business if you use one of Canva’s logo templates because thousands of other people have used the same design.
  • Your logo won’t be in the correct file format.
  • There won’t be any strategy behind the design of your brand.

If you don’t have a logo yet for your business but want your business name on social media graphics, freebie PDFs or your website simply type it out in an easy-to-read font until your can afford to invest in a brand designer who can create a logo for your that’s strategic.

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Create Your Link in Bio Page Using Canva

STOP using third-party services like Canva or LinkTree to host your Instagram link in bio page! Your links page should be hosted on your website. This will now only boost your website’s SEO but it will also increase brand recognition and provide a better user experience than a third-party option will. All you need to do is add a blank page to your website and the links you want to it.

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