Why You Should Show Your Pricing on Your Website

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One of the biggest debates I see in the creative entrepreneur space is whether or not you should show your pricing on your website. Everyone has a different opinion about and some of the reasons why you should or shouldn’t show your prices differ greatly. But of course, as a web designer, I’ve got my own opinion on this matter ;D

Why You Should Show Your Pricing on Your Website

Transparency & Honest

People don’t like to be surprised when it comes to pricing. Or feel like they’re being scammed. And whether you like it not showing your pricing on your website doesn’t help someone trust you. It might not negatively impact how many inquiries you’re getting—but it’s definitely not helping. Your ideal clients want a heads-up on what they can expect when they work with you. And the cost of the service is part of that equation.

Repels Cheap Clients

If you offer a higher value and/or luxury and/or higher priced service, showing your pricing on your website can help repel people who are cheap and can’t afford your services. A lot of coaches will argue with me on this with something like “well you can get them on the call and get them to buy a higher-priced package!”. But let’s face it—if someone has a budget of $500 and your services start at 10k—they’re not going to magically be able to suddenly afford your prices. It’s a waste of time for you and the person you’re selling to

It Saves Time

I don’t know about you but I don’t have (or want to spend) time on discovery calls with someone who can’t afford my services ^^^ and realistically it’s going to be hard to upsell them even if you get the opportunity. Now if you love selling and sales calls are your sweet spot feel free to ignore my advice and leave your pricing off your website. But if you’re like me then you need to have your prices on your website.

The Biggest Worry About Showing Your Pricing on Your Website

“Well…What if a Celebrity Reaches Out Wanting to Work With Me? I’d Need to Charge Them More than My Regular Clients!”

This ^^^ is the most common concern that comes up from coaches why they say that you should show your pricing on your website. And I’ve got quite a few thoughts about it including:

How Often Does this ^^^ Actually Happen?

I’ve seen a handful of creative entrepreneurs work with true celebrities—so, yes it can happen. BUT just because you show your pricing on your website doesn’t mean that your prices have to be stagnant. You can change them per your client’s individual issues. The whole pointe of showing your prices is to appeal to your ideal clients—most of who are going to be “regular” people.

Showing Your Pricing on Your Website in 3 Different Ways

Having stagnant never changing prices for your clients that are always the same no matter what problems they have is different than showing your pricing on your website. There are multiple ways that you can show your prices on your website that can still allow for flexibility depending on the type of person you’re working with.

Set Package Prices

If you have set packages this is one of the simplest ways to show your pricing. Now of course this only works if most o your clients “fit in the box” of a particular package or range of packages. Package pricing can still be flexible. You can offer a la carte add-ons to your packages or something like that.

Starting Prices

My favorite way to show pricing is by listing the starting price of the service. This leaves lots of room for flexibility in selling a higher-priced offer without having to keep everything in a set package. And it also repels cheap clients.

Range of Prices

Another way to show your pricing on your website is by listing a range of pricing that your clients typically pay when they work with you. This could be a set range or a percentage of something that your clients typically spend. I don’t like this option as much as the others but it’s still better than not showing your prices at all.

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