4 Email Newsletter Marketing Myths

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If you think email newsletter marketing is something you can ignore because it’s too time-consuming—think again. 49% of people say they want to hear from their favorite brands via promotional emails weekly. In other words, building your email list isn’t something you can ignore.

Email Marketing Statistics

If you’ve heard one myth you’ve probably heard them all and email marketing is no exception to this theory.

That’s why in this blog post I’m going over 4 email marketing myths so that you can grow your email list and reach your ideal clients directly in their inboxes.

Because whether you’ve been a creative entrepreneur for years or you’ve got food in the fridge that’s older than your business—you’ve gotta have a sustainable way to reach ideal clients that doesn’t equal you scrolling on an app all day, searching for just the right trending audio—aka. you’ve gotta have a newsletter marketing strategy that is based on factual information, not myths.

How to Grow Your Email List With Instagram

Email Marketing Myth #1: Don’t call your email list a newsletter

I’m sure you’ve heard someone already say “Don’t call your email list a newsletter!” or “Never say sign up for my newsletter!”. <<< Now that last one is partially true—which I’ll get to in a sec. BUT there’s no statistical data that I can find to back up that you shouldn’t call your email list a newsletter. The best I could come up with was a lot of personal opinions like this article.

Now like I said saying “sign up for my newsletter” is a slightly different story. <<< Just saying this sentence alone doesn’t show the value that someone gets when they sign up for your newsletter. AND no one is going to hand over their email address to you if they aren’t getting something in return. That’s why marketers have said for the last few years to avoid the word newsletter—because it isn’t clear or enticing enough for someone to want to sign up.

This is why most people recommend using freebies to build your email list. <<< Which is good advice! You SHOULD have freebies— BUT at the same time, the word newsletter isn’t wrong either. You’ve just gotta clearly explain the value you provide to your email list.

How to Name Your Newsletter

If you need inspiration for how to present your newsletter in a way that shows value—take a peek at this landing page for my newsletter.

Email Marketing Myth #2: You “have” to have everything figured out before you can start building your email list

Waiting until you’re “ready” to build your email list isn’t going to work either. <<< When some of the biggest names in the creative business space, like Jenna Kutcher, talk about email marketing—they almost always say that they wish they had started building their email list sooner.

You’ve gotta just start. AND all you have to do to start your email list is this:

  • Sign up for an email marketing software like ConvertKit
  • Design a freebie (yes, freebies are a good idea!)
  • Promote your newsletter and freebie EVERYWHERE!!!!
  • Send out an email once a week (or whatever frequency you decide)

Your newsletter ^^^ doesn’t need to be perfect—you just need to start sending emails. <<< Even if you only have one subscriber.

Which Email Marketing System is Right for My Creative Business?

Now when once you’ve gotten started sending emails—then you can move on to more advanced newsletter marketing strategies. You can set up your welcome sequence and have a bunch of workflows with tags and segments for days. BUT you don’t need to have it all together on day one.

Email Marketing Myth #3: You “have” to create unique content for your email subscribers

You can—but you don’t “have” to. In fact, most people don’t. It’s actually better to repurpose content and send them to something on your website anyway. <<< If you send someone to a blog you wrote that week and they click thru to read it—that’ll help boost your website SEO. Sounds like a win-win to me.

And you can always send them to older content too because it never hurts to share content more than once. In fact, it’s better to share it more than once—because someone usually needs to see something at least 7 times before it’ll stick. S when in doubt share your content again.

Now like I said you can create unique newsletter content if you want—BUT if you focus on that you’ll probably find that you either a) procrastinate and never create the unique content or b) you’ll slack on creating your evergreen content which isn’t good either.

Email Marketing Myth #4: It’s too time-consuming

Or rather it’s just not a priority for you right now. <<< Which is fine BTW.

BUT if you really want to get serious about your newsletter marketing strategy—you’ve just gotta roll up your sleeves and do it.

And I think you’ll find that once you get started you’ll love it—which will also make it go faster because you’ll naturally want to work on it more often than not.

The key to anything in life is consistency—so if your time truly is limited make your email marketing goals match your current reality. If you know it’s unrealistic for you to send out emails to your list 3 times a week then don’t. But if you can fit in 2 times a month then start there. Remember you’ve just gotta get started and you can refine later.

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