How to Make Your Showit Website Design Dynamic

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Getting someone to land on your website is a feat on its own. So when someone does go on it—you need to keep them there as long as possible. AND website visitors spend 88% more time browsing web pages with video content. And while videos are awesome there are other ways to add dynamic content to your website. Video is just the tip of the iceberg. Which is why in this blog post I’m going over how you can make your Showit website design dynamic.

Videos & Gifs

I already touched on why videos on your website can be very helpful, but you can also add gifs to your website. If you do upload lots of videos or gifs you NEED to be careful about image size. Adding too much video content to your website can slow your website down. AND almost 40% of users will leave from a slow website. Which is the exact opposite of what you want to happen.

Recommended Showit Image Upload Size


Another way you can add dynamic elements to your website is by adding animation. You can add fade effects to images, have scrolling text go across the screen or use rotating canvas views, as examples. And the good news is that Showit makes it very easy to add animation to your website. Just be careful not to add too many animated elements on your website or it can be overwhelming and deter people from staying on it longer.

How to Add Animation to Showit Websites

Showit Canvas Views 101


While this is not necessarily animated content—adding brand icons to your website can add depth and draw attention to certain areas of your website that you want to highlight. Your icons don’t have to be custom but they can be.

How to Add Icons to Your Showit Website

Uploading Custom Icons to Showit


Color is one of the most underrated ways to make your website design dynamic. Using colors that stand out for certain elements like call to actions help draw attention to your website in a good way.

Website Call to Actions 101

Website Colors 101

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