5 Things Your Website Footer Needs

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Your website’s footer, while not the most exciting part of the design, is actually VERY important. It’s the last thing people will see if they make it to the bottom of one of your website pages and it needs to act like a map directing people to the information they need to find. That’s why in this blog, I’m going to go over X things you need to include in your website footer.

Contact information

Almost half of your website visitors will leave if they can’t easily find your business contact information. <<< And your website footer is probably where they’ll look for it. Make sure to link your contact page in your website footer with a button or text link. You can also have text that has some of your contact information added directly to your footer, this can help your website SEO and make it easier for people to find. But at a bare minimum, you need your contact page linked somehow.

Social Media Links

If you’re actively posting on social media, you should include links to those channels in your website footer. If you’re on Instagram you can consider adding a live or pseudo feed to your footer. Add links or buttons that lead to your social media accounts to your footer.

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Newsletter Signup

If you’re looking to build your email list, which I highly recommend, you should include some sort of signup for it in your website footer. You can simply add a text link to your freebie landing page or to a resources page—or you can add a subscriber form directly to your footer. I personally prefer linking to a separate landing page that has your newsletter form rather than including the form directly in the footer, but either is fine.

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Don’t forget to add links to any required legal pages (privacy policy, terms of use, return policy, etc.). in your footer.

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Hours of Operation

If your business has a physical location or you only answer emails during specific hours it’s important to include that information in your footer. This should also be included on your contact page.

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